Your Protections During the IVF Process

Employee protections during IVF

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a fertility treatment in which the egg is fertilized outside the body, in vitro.

Workplace complications during IVF

Undergoing IVF is a complicated process and can be stressful if you're worried about how your employer will respond or react when you request accommodations during the medical process.

When undergoing IVF, you must schedule an ultrasound on the first day of your mensuration cycle, which requires you to take time off work with short notice.

In addition, the stimulation shots can enlarge your uterus, creating additional weight in your weight and ovaries, which may require additional accommodations, such as needing to sit more.

Fortunately, you don't need to worry about the status of your employment while you undergo the IVF process because you have rights and protections.

Employee protections during IVF

Pregnancy is protected as a medical condition. While many people know this, many are not aware that pregnancy protections begin at the fertility treatment process. Therefore, any accommodations you may require throughout the IVF process is protected under the law. 

In fact, it is illegal for employers to fire, refuse to hire, harass, discharge, or otherwise discriminate against you for your pregnancy, childbirth, or a related condition.

You are not required to tell your employer that you are going through the IVF process or trying to get pregnant. You simply need a doctor's note letting your employer know that you require medical accommodations.

The following accommodations are permitted to you by law:

  • Modified job duties or work restrictions, such as: working from home, modified work hours, or sitting more
  • Taking a leave of absence from work

What do I do if I face problems at work during my IVF process?

If you are facing discrimination for undergoing IVF or your employer is failing to accommodate your medical needs, please contact us! We want to help.  Your conversation will be protected by client/attorney privilege and any information you provide will be completely confidential.